Get off the debt treadmill

Tired of juggling multiple credit card debts and feeling like you're not getting anywhere?

Get on the road to being debt free by consolidating your balances into a simple low-rate loan; saving you fees and interest, and setting a fixed term so you'll see the light on the horizon.

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RateSetter vs credit cards

Calculate your potential savings

Please enter between $2,001 and $45,000
The more you pay each month, the faster your debt will be paid offEnter a repayment amount less than your total debt
Enter your total credit card debt and desired monthly repayments to see how much you could save!
You could save*
with a 48 month RateSetter loan
If your credit card rate is 16.99% p.a. or less, you may not be able to save by consolidating with RateSetter.
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Actual savings may vary depending on your credit card rates and fees, your credit profile, and your desired monthly payments.
*This calculation assumes:
  1. On time payments of $262.64 per month toward either your RateSetter loan or credit card balances
  2. You have a good credit profile
  3. An average credit card rate of 16.99% per annum with no ongoing fees, with 54 monthly payments
  4. An average RateSetter loan rate of 9.0% per annum, with a $200 Credit Assistance Fee, a $434.70 Risk Assurance Charge, and a $3.00 monthly account management fee

Why consolidate your credit card debt?

Simplify your finances and your interest rate

Trim the fat from your rate

RateSetter's rates are lower than most credit cards and by consolidating multiple cards, you could save on ongoing fees.

So not only could you save in the short term, you'll likely pay off your balances sooner.

Balance your balances

With one simple monthly repayment that suits your situation, you'll find it much easier to balance your budget.

Plus there's no early repayment fees so you can pay it off earlier without penalty to help reach your goals even faster.

Kick the credit card habit

Credit card balance transfer offers sound like a great idea until you start using your new card all over again.

Remove the temptation and kick the habit for good with a personal loan that goes down, not back up!

How it works


1. Check your rate

Check your personalised rate with our 1 minute RateEstimate (it won't affect your credit score)


2. Apply online

Apply online in minutes. Loans from $2,001 to $45,000 for terms from 6 months to 5 years

10+ MIN

3. Receive a decision

Some approvals happen within minutes, but it can take up to one business day to make a decision after we've received everything we need

1+ DAY

4. Receive funds

On the business day after you accept your loan contract, funds will be transferred directly to your existing lenders to pay off your outstanding balances

Save time before applying by making sure...

  • You are aged 21 or over
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen
  • You have a regular source of income
  • You have a good credit history
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Australia's most loved personal loans

RateSetter is rated 4.8 / 5 by our borrowers on independent review website RateSetter offers the highest rated personal loan in Australia.

"Saved me a

I have reduced my monthly repayments to what the interest was on the credit card!!! Cutting that one up. Thanks RateSetter!

- TJ

“Fast and easy - exactly as advertised”

Excellent product. Fast turnaround on a simple debt consolidation loan that beat the major banks by around 5%. No hassles whatsoever

- Mike

“Loan consolidation for better rates”

Great service! Fast and friendly! Excellent focus on getting customers the best rates which is much appreciated from my end :)

- Sari

Common questions

How much could I save by consolidating my debt?

Use the calculator at the top of the this page to get an approximation of the savings. In addition to our conservative estimates, factor in costs such as balance transfer fees, annual fees, and early payoff penalties that you may pay when use credit cards or borrow from other sources.

What kind of debts can I consolidate?

You can consolidate or refinance all types of loans, including high-interest credit cards, store cards, personal loans, car loans and medical loans.

How quickly can I get a loan?

After submitting your application, if you've provided all the information we require and completed our online ID and income verification processes, you could be approved in as little as 4 hours.

If approved, you will be able to view and accept your loan contract online. Funds will be transferred directly to your existing lenders within 1 business day.

Cool, calm & consolidated

Make this the year you get on top of your finances by combining your existing debts into one fixed loan.

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